Our clients

Our clients are companies and individuals who perform their activities in the territory of the Slovak Republic, including also companies with foreign capital participation. Our clients perform business mainly in the following areas:

  • trading with goods;
  • manufacturing companies;
  • pharmaceutical and petrochemical industry;
  • agricultural industry
  • food industry;
  • financial services (brokers, asset management companies, leasing companies, insurance companies);
  • provision of various services;
  • and others. 



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10. 12. 18

Office closed

from 24 December 2018 until 2 January 2019

10. 12. 18

Income tax return forms

The Ministry of Finance of SR issued Regulation no. MF/018612/2018-721 from 8 November 2018 based on...

10. 12. 18

Amendment to the Excise Duty Act of Mineral Oil

Effective from 1 January 2019, 1 March 2019 or on the first day of the calendar month following the ...