10. 12. 2018
Amendment to the Act on electronic cash register („ECR“)

e-kasa system

The amendment to the ECR Act introduces the mechanism of online connection of registration cash registers to the central database of financial administration (the “e-kasa system”). Based on the system e-kasa, all data from the cash registers will be directly stored in the financial administration databases and the issuance of cash receipts without connection to the financial administration will be limited. The act will be effective from January 1, 2019. Entrepreneurs who are currently obliged to register revenues through an electronic cash register have an option to start using the online cash register from April 1, 2019, with an obligation to start using such online cash register from July 1, 2019. Entrepreneurs for which the obligation to evidence the revenues using the ECR starts from April 1, 2019 are required to use the cash register e-kasa client from this date.




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